New Directions

I see my life headed in a slightly new direction.  Some of the people in my life are not in my life anymore and like them, I have moved forward.  I think about new opportunities ahead of me and wonder what they will yield.  In my professional life, I see a wave of change ahead.  Like life itself, these waves can be unpredictable and all I can hope for is that I ride this wave out.  The month of October has been a decent one for me.  Work has been challenging as always.  I continue to enjoy the company of my far-flung friends.  I just wish some of them lived a bit closer.  The month ahead brings virtually nothing but vacation days (I think I work a total of 6 days) with the topper, a trip to Las Vegas at the end of the month.

“Day 1” can be any day now.  It could be today, October 22 (congrats Microsoft on your Win 7 release) or it could be November 2 or any other day over the next couple of months.  I look optimistically to what lies before me, for the only way you can control the past is by controlling the present.