Snow Leopard and Windows 7 Enterprise

I should be getting Snow Leopard tomorrow, 8/28 which is its release date. I’ll give you my impressions of it after I use it for a bit. Below is a Cnet “First Look” at Snow Leopard.

On Tuesday I installed Windows 7 Enterprise (released to manufacturing) on my quad core. The install went mostly well. I had two issues, one of which has been ongoing since the Win 7 beta. The first issue I had is that I couldn’t activate it since the install is generic. I quick KB search at Microsoft’s site led me to the solution (DOS command plus the activation number). The second long standing issue has to do with my sound card. I have a Creative Labs XTreme Music X-FI as well as an nVidia GeForce motherboard. Apaprently if you are running the 64-bit version of Windows 7 with 4 or more GB of RAM the driver for the sound card can’t map the memory properly and you end up with cracks and pops instead of sound. The solution is to limit Windows 7 to 3 GB of RAM, which defeats the purpose of using a 64-bit OS. Short of replacing the card, there’s nothing else I can do until either Creative or nVidia release a patch. This will probably be the last time I ever get a Creative sound card. They used to be the “gold standard” in sound cards, not anymore.

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