March, Friends and Birthdays

Yes,  I promised a March posting and here it is.  It’s only the 12th and it’s been a pretty good month for me.  Things at work are looking up in a lot of ways. I look forward to the clean slate that will be presented to me soon.  Whomever said you can’t get a fresh start at work or at life is wrong.  While life may be the same, fresh opportunities await me in my career.  I look forward to what the changes bring.

My best friend, whose friendship, while not too long ago seemed to have hit an end is better and closer than ever.  I feel blessed every waking moment to have such a great confidant, friend, caring, sweet, fun and lovable buddy who is family to me.  Hey, I’m adopted (I have the best parents in the world) so why can’t the adopted adopt?  Said friend is visiting me here in New Jersey and is zonked out on the couch as I write this posting.  Should he ever wake up, much adventure lies before us, despite the rainy weather that is in the forecast for this weekend.

In a few days I shall have a birthday.  I truly do not feel 38, especially since I write this, I’m still 37.  I think having friends who keep your spirits up and is willing to go on adventures helps one feel young.  All I know is, this “birthday weekend” so far, has been the best one I’ve ever had and it is all because of one, great friend.  If you are lucky enough to have such a friend in your life, as the theme song goes, tell them “thank you for being a friend.”

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