Remembering April

This week my furry four-footed great dane “niece” crossed the Rainbow Bridge. At some point I will have more to say, but for now, please take a look at this tribute video slideshow that I made.

Hoping to go to Indiana

I’m both nervous and excited today. I’m excited because I am going to Indiana later today. I’m nervous because I am hoping to go to Indiana later today.  It’s supposed to snow a little bit this morning followed by some wind.  I just hope my flight doesn’t get affected.  Newark Airport doesn’t like snow, while ERJ-145 airplanes don’t like wind.  With everything that Neil has gone through, he could really use a friend to take his mind off of things.  I just hope neither of us are disappointed.  I’m glad he and Mark worked things out, I just hope Mark and I do the same.  I want this to be a great visit for all three of us.  I might go out and get some Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast to start making the day special.  I just hope it ends with me being in Bloomington.  My bags are packed and overflowing.  I just hope I can get the zipper on that green Colette bag to close whenever I open it.  I’m looking forward to seeing the new airport as well.  On my last trip to Indiana the old airport was still being used.  I just hope Neil and whomever is picking me up (I’d be genuinely surprised if it was Mark) knows that they have to take a different road to get to it.  I just want to get there.  My mood is apprehensive/excited.

Map picture
Map picture

Newark Airport

Indianapolis Airport